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Another Day in the Life of a Teenage Romantic

I Love ... Life!!

30 June
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About me ... well, I'm into and open to pretty much anything! I still actively play video games, and yes, my favorite still happens to be Pokemon and I DO keep up with them!! I own every game of theirs ever released with a few exceptions: Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 since I never owned a N64 (but believe me, I played them like a crazy kid, just ask PJ Munoz!); and I still don't own a Nintendo DS, so no Pokemon Blue Rescue Team - I think the Rescue Team games look stupid, I may just have to ignore their exhistences.

Where was I? Oh, right, I still actively play video games in my spare time, and I like to push myself in school, a trait that seems all too scarce nowadays. I'm taking Journalistic English 11, for which I'm an Editor of the school's paper; Chemistry; French II as an Independant Study (harder than it may seem ... I really miss the classroom setting); Gold Voices, in which I volunteer for random gigs periodically and for which I have been put in charge of organizing Singing Valentines; Advanced Math Survey; and AP US History, in which I get the opportunity for 6 college credits that are earned from hours of nightly homework and studying. I love each and every one of these classes and all of the subject matter, as I have ever since I started school. Well, not Biology, it just didn't click well with me. There's ONE career choice eliminated!!! *sigh*facedesk*

My only free time in between homework and school is taken up by rehearsals for a show of some sort. July and August of this summer were the only two months I've had off from any shows whatsoever in about five years; needless to say, I love doing them. I jumped right back in and I'm planning on keeping with it until graduation, and hopefully after.
I've lettered in Drama, and at the end of this year I'll letter in Journalism and Music as well. Heehee, I'm such a dork that I already have my jacket. =P

I love shopping for clothes, as anyone could see from my ever-changing outfits ... unless you never see my ever-changing outfits, in which case, just know that I'm constantly scrounging around the house for more hangers to fit everything in my tiny little closet. I own about 24 pairs of shoes, 15 pairs of pants, and countless shirts and jackets. Okay, I could probably count them, but where's the fun in that?

I absolutely love standup comedy!! Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favorites!! She makes me laugh audibly and rather obnoxiously every single time I watch her. Also, there's this one extremely gay guy, whose name I can't remember, that is absoluetly HILARIOUS!!! Then there's Chaz ... who makes me laugh almost as hard as when I'm watching Ellen.

I have an extensive amount of friends. Seriously, I'm buddy-buddy with a LOT of people! Just ask Leanne; she gets sick of me constantly running into people I know at the mall, in Ross, at the movie theater, downtown, in Goodwill, basically everywhere. =) I wouldn't like to consider myself part of one group ... but I pretty much am part of the LC Valley Drama Kids, which I freakin love!

Wanna know what else I freakin love? Dancing, singing and acting. I used to dislike acting, but since I've started having more fun with it, I enjoy it WAY more! I guess you could call me a pretty "artsy-fartsy" guy: I love music. I'm constantly in the middle of a music high! In Gold Voices, I'm constantly developing all sorts of goosebumps and shivers from the harmonies I can pick out ((WHEN WE'RE GETTING THINGS DONE!!!)). I play piano, though I've only recently gotten back into taking it seriously. I now consider it to be fun, and beneficial, and would totally take lessons and go through all the theory ... if I had the time; but, as aforementioned, I have virtually no spare time this year. Maybe after graduation - in freakin 2008 - I'll take it back up before moving to Seattle for college (hopefully).

Seriously, though, I love ALL types of music. Talk to anyone who's seen my CD collection, or you could just look at my Music list, I guess; but that'd be too easy. ;P

I love to have fun, and try to make the best of life no matter how stressful it may, does and will become. I'm Catholic and I feel a strong connection with God, even though I don't attend church weekly and don't necessarily fit in with my religion.

Overall, I'm a kooky kid that - I hope - is fun to be around!

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